Costco Gas Prices Across California

Fuel prices in California are among the highest in the United States, making the hunt for affordable gasoline a critical mission for many drivers. Costco Wholesale, with its members-only gas stations, is often a beacon of hope for savings at the pump.

Current Gas Prices at Select Costco Stations in California:

Here’s a quick look at some of the latest reported gas prices at various Costco locations across California​​:

Costco LocationRegular Gas PricePremium Gas PriceOpening HoursAddressPhone NumberGoogle Maps Link
Culver City / Marina del Rey$4.85$5.15Check locally13463 Washington Blvd., Marina Del Rey, CA 90292(310) 754-2003Map
Torrance$4.85$5.09Check locally2751 Skypark Dr., Torrance, CA 90505(310) 891-1020Map
Tustin$4.69$4.89Check locally2655 El Camino Real, Tustin, CA 92782(714) 838-7895Map

See Map location of Costco Gas Stations in California, Opening hours and location. Zoom into the map to find a Costco Gas Station near you.

Comparison with Other Gas Stations in California:

Based on GasBuddy’s data, here’s how Costco’s prices compare to the average in major Californian cities​​:

  • Stockton: $4.734
  • Modesto: $4.800
  • Fresno: $4.843
  • San Bernardino: $4.869
  • Sacramento: $4.874
  • Los Angeles: $5.142
  • San Francisco: $5.159

Costco’s Competitive Edge:

The comparison suggests that Costco generally offers lower gas prices compared to the state averages, especially in high-cost areas like Los Angeles and San Francisco. For instance, at $4.85 in Culver City, Costco’s price is about $0.29 less per gallon than the average in Los Angeles.


Costco continues to provide a reprieve for Californians from the steep gas prices that pervade the state. While the savings per gallon may vary, consistently lower prices at Costco can lead to meaningful savings over time, especially for those who drive frequently or have long commutes. As always, for the most up-to-date prices and detailed information, we recommend checking Costco’s official website or using apps like GasBuddy to find the best gas prices near you.

Help Keep Our Community Informed: Fuel prices can fluctuate rapidly, and collective effort makes a difference! Whenever you stop by your local Costco for a refill, consider sharing the latest gas prices in the comments section. Your real-time updates empower our community to find the best deals, and together, we can all save a little more at the pump. Remember, your contribution not only helps fellow drivers plan their visits but also paints a current picture of gas trends in Ohio. Drive smart, save big, and keep the community spirit fueled up!